The Best Home Value Boosters

If you’re about to put your home out there in the real estate market here in Rochester, or if you’re just looking to boost the value of a home you’ve just purchased, there are numerous investments you can make to improve the aesthetics and function of your house. Now, there are good options, and there are better options. Statistically speaking, certain home improvements are more likely to boost the value of your home than other home improvements. That’s why we’ve accumulated a list of the best improvements you can make to your home:


Bump up the landscaping in front of your home (and behind it if you have  the dollars to spend). Your landscape is the first thing an onlooker will see when they approach your home – so make it count! If you have a tabula rasa (a blank slate) consider implementing berms before you move forward with your landscaping project. Next, think sod, rock beds, and most importantly, trees. Planting a tree is a quick and relatively inexpensive improvement option! Plus, trees add utilitarian value – shade, privacy, and wind protection among others.

Update Your Infrastructure

If you have outdated plumbing or an HVAC system that’s on its last leg, it’s time to upgrade. Implementing new infrastructure will boost the value of your home immensely. A home with new plumbing and HVAC infrastructure feels like a new home (even if it’s not), and it shows that you’ve taken care of your home over the years. It’s an expensive upgrade, but it may be necessary if you’re placing your home on the market.

The Enlightenment

Lighten up your spaces. There are numerous options that can aid you in making your home feel more spacious and light. Most inexpensive option: apply a fresh coat of paint. Think light colors, and be sure to use a paint tone that compliments its surroundings. A more expensive option: place better lighting throughout your home. The most expensive option: place more windows in your home, or opt for skylights if you can.

Update Your Surfaces

Faux-wood panelling can look pretty tacky these days. That’s because we’ve come to praise surfaces that look real and feel real. If you have wallpaper, laminated floors, old shag carpet, or laminate countertops, consider replacing your surfaces. These upgrades can be expensive, so change  the surface that will have the most impact first.


People love a comfortable bathroom. Make sure that all of your bathrooms’ fixtures are up-to-date and rust free. Update your bathroom surfaces, and make sure that everything is clean! Spend any extra time and money you can spare on your master bathroom, as that’s the bathroom that will count most in a potential buyer’s eyes!


If your kitchen suffers from outdated appliances and old surfaces, it’s time to improve. Stainless steel appliances are quickly becoming a national standard – as folks love their sleek look and cleanliness. Consider your countertops too… are they functional and fashionable, or are they dilapidated and dirty? Granite is great (but expensive!) and there are more and more man-made composite countertops that are sweeping the market. Go with what works for your kitchen (and your wallet!).

Additional Space

If you have an unfinished basement or attic, consider the ultimate upgrade! Adding functional space to your home extends its utility and liveable square footage count. An extra room or two can hugely boost the total value of your home.